For the European Broadcasting Union I have written the News Report 2018, together with former head of the YLE, Atte Jääskeläinen. The report, called ’50 ways to make it better’, highlights practical and concrete solutions and 50 real examples on building engagement and trust in public service journalism.

The report proposes actions to be undertaken in several fields affecting public trust and engagement: New media habits, societal change, eroding professional standards and the threat of political contamination and declining willingness to be represented by any institution.

To find the best solutions me and Atte first critically examined the challenges with some of the leading experts in the media field and then surveyed over 60 of the senior executives in public service media to get their perspective on workable solutions. During the process, we have collected around 150 proposals for solutions for the problems identified from both within public media and outside. Finally, 50 of the best, from 24 countries, were selected and presented in the report together with insights from those involved.

We presented the report at the EBU News Assembly and News Xchange in Edinburgh, November 2018. We have also developed a workshop and presentation that we can give to newsrooms in various countries. More information about these presentations, and the possibility for custom made visits, can be requested.