About Bureau Maike

BureauMaike was established by me, Maike Olij I research, inspire and create for organisations and projects that make a positive contribution to the world. I usually work on a project-basis: find out below what you can hire me to do. Want to know more? Contact me at maike@bureaumaike.nl or +31 615967531.

Research and analysis

BureauMaike has overview. As a researcher, I’m always looking at the bigger picture. What are the underlying causes, deeper-lying motivations and decisive outside influences? It’s these insights that I consider most important, because they often contain the key to possible solutions. I analyse with a sharp eye, ask the right questions and investigate – always with a positive attitude and genuine curiosity. I see connections and try to find the common thread so that the research results I present are clear, understandable and logical.

Advice and inspiration

BureauMaike helps you find the right route. 
As an advisor, I help clients make choices. Based on (my own) research, I see possible options and their pros and cons. I’m pragmatic and have a weakness for easily accessible solutions. Plus, my glass is always half full: I believe in the good in people and see possibilities. I inspire by asking slightly different questions, or by summarising and presenting issues in a different way. Depending on the context and the client this can happen live – in sessions, workshops or meetings – or on paper.

Concept and creation

BureauMaike finds new paths . As a concept developer, I create media formats, creative research forms and training materials, but also products and even entire business concepts. There’s no shortage of creative ideas and joyful, positive creations. Sometimes I work on concretising my own idea, sometimes I work from someone else’s idea. Either way – something innovative always arises.