About Bureau Maike

BureauMaike offers clear solutions to complex media and communication issues. As a creative research expert, Maike Olij explores the presentation and relevance of news and information from the end user’s perspective. She develops innovative formats, concepts and strategies for clients including broadcasters and public organisations in the Netherlands and Europe. With her expertise and a refreshing perspective on journalism and communication, she advises and inspires the policy makers, news producers and world changers of today and the future.

Research and analysis

BureauMaike has overview.
What is the impact of AI on journalism? What does the future hold for public broadcasters in Europe? Why do people consume news? Why do they not? BureauMaike answers these and other intriguing questions for broadcasters, educational institutions and news organisations. As a researcher, Maike Olij presents her findings in on-point analyses and accessible reports which always offer starting points for action.

Advice and inspiration

BureauMaike helps you find the right route. 
How do you increase the impact of top stories? Which role do local broadcasters play in a news ecosystem? How can you make a good television programme better? When you ask BureauMaike’s advice you can count on a thorough exploration of possible directions and solutions, and guidance in making the choices that follow. During sessions, workshops and gatherings, born optimist Maike Olij inspires people with unexpected questions and a unique way of summarising and presenting the answers. 

Concept and creation

BureauMaike finds new paths .
How do you make researching a plane crash accessible? How do you pitch a humanitarian project? How do you let people experience the relevance of the Second World War today?BureauMaike develops original media formats, information platforms, workshops, and research methods for the most diverse assignments. Maike Olij effectively translates the insights she gained as a brainstorm guide and concept developer at NOS into sectors such as science, culture, education and humanitarian assistance.